I’ve been putting off writing about my trip to Switzerland, simply because I knew I wouldn’t be able to find the words to describe it’s beauty. I still don’t have the words, and rather than a feeble attempt I thought I’d share my pictures from the weekend.

We arrived in Switzerland around 5:30am on Friday morning after spending the night on a tour bus. We immediately checked into our hostel, which was cozy, chalet-like, and lodge-inspired. It was a wooden lodge, with Christmas lights strung in it and around it, and a coal fireplace burned all night. The only downside to our hostel was that from 7pm to 11pm the aroma of melted Swiss fondue cheese polluted the air – a smell I learned I really did not enjoy at all.

After taking a little nap on Friday morning, we woke up and walked about 30 minutes to Lake Brienz. Wow. I had never seen water that color. Fun fact about the lake: the water is so high quality, so clean, and so fresh that it is 100% drinkable. After coming from a city where you have to pay for water at every meal, we definitely took advantage of this free water.

We spent that afternoon walking around town and trying to find somewhere to eat. The selection was not great, as most places were closed. Our options ranged from Chinese or Indian restaurants to Hooters. We were in Switzerland and wanted traditional Swiss food. Eventually we found Husi Bierhaus, which was tucked away on a side street. We sat outside with space heaters pointed directly at our table, and the restaurant provided us with warm and cozy blankets. We warmed up with some sort of hot beer our waitress suggested. I have no idea what it was called, all I know is that it was just what we needed in the cold weather. At the restaurant we ate our weight in mac & cheese with bacon and applesauce, a dish Husi Bierhaus is known for. It was incredible and much needed after our long night on a bus.

The next day we took a bus and a train to Lauterbrunnen where we’d hike from there to Murren, the next town over. After a one and a half hour hike through the mountains- with the occasional stops along the way for pictures- we arrived in Murren and ate at one of the two restaurants open in town. I learned something about myself at that restaurant: I really just do not like raclette cheese, or any Swiss-made cheese.

The hike was well worth it. The views were incredible. Again, I wish I could put into words just how magnificent it was. It was so beautiful and quite surreal. The mountains and the scenery all looked fake, like we were staring at massive paintings.

We didn’t do much in Switzerland. We ate a lot food, and we hiked. That’s about it. But mostly, we just enjoyed the views and the laid-back environment. When I tell people about my trip to Switzerland, I always emphasize how relaxed life is in Interlaken. I think that was my favorite part, aside from the incredible views. No one seemed to be in a rush. No one seemed to be pressured. Everyone I came across, whether it was our waitress, our hostel receptionist, the chocolate shop owners, or the two pug owners who let me pet their dogs, were incredibly happy and content. And I loved that. Perhaps it is because there didn’t seem to be the imminent pressure of a successful life that comes from living in a bigger city, or maybe it is because it is so beautiful in Switzerland that its hard to be stressed when you’re surrounded by such beauty. Whatever it is, I loved it, and I’m excited to return one day.


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