“Sorry I’m late, Professoressa, the Duomo had great lighting this morning.”

  1. I love the way the sun hits the Duomo in the morning and at noon, and how the Duomo looks when the sun sets later that night.
  2. I love the way Italians are so excited to see each other. Friends, acquaintances: everyone gets an excited “hello” and a kiss on each cheek.
  3. I love how everyone walks their dogs everywhere (though I don’t like not being able to pet them).
  4. I love how everyone looks put-together, whether they’re out and about for the day or just grabbing bread from the market.
  5. I love the woman who greets me excitedly with “Ciao Bella!” every morning when I stop in for my morning caffe latte.
  6. I love how fearlessly Vespa drivers and people on bikes ride around the city.
  7. I love the musicians who play near the Duomo every night.
  8. I love the way the sun sets on the Ponte Vecchio.
  9. I love how incredible it is to look out at the city from Piazzale Michaelangelo.
  10. I love the heavy sense of culture surrounding food and wine.



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