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Over Spring Break this past semester, my roommate and I went to DC for the day. We drove three and a half hours to a train that would take us straight into the city in just 30 minutes. Throughout the day we effortlessly maneuvered around the city using the metro, and even hopped on a bus somewhere in Georgetown. Our travel methods throughout the day were not strategically planned. In fact, they consisted mostly of winging it and hoping for the best. Except for two mishaps (once when we accidentally went uptown instead of downtown, and the second time on the way back when we missed our stop), we successfully made it through the day and dubbed ourselves seasoned DC-ers.

Yesterday’s trip to Siena was quite unlike the DC trip. My photography professor assigned us to go to Siena and photograph what catches our eyes. Her instructions were to “get lost in the city.” I quite literally did just that. The same luck I had while commuting around DC did not accompany me to Siena.

I hopped off the train and made my way to the city, a commute that consisted of taking six sets of stairs and escalators from the station at the very bottom of the hills to the city center at the top of the hills. My “strategy” for the day was to head towards Piazza del Campo while snapping pics along the way, grab a bite to eat, and explore a little on my way back to the train station. Unfortunately I only had about two hours in Siena so there wouldn’t be much time for exploration.

I guess you could say I technically followed my plan, though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get lost along the way. I took my photos, strolled through Piazza del Campo, and grabbed some food at what I can only imagine is Siena’s version of Elevation Burger, Shake Shack, or Five Guys. After getting my burger to-go I decided I’d eat it at a bench near the train station, just to be sure I didn’t miss it. My plan went askew the very moment I realized I had no idea where the station was. I thought I could just guess on a whim how to get there, a philosophy that has proved to be successful back home in Philly, DC, and even Florence. I was so incredibly and rather humorously wrong.

There I was, just a girl, a burger in a brown bag, and absolutely no clue where to go.

After 40 minutes of being lost an alleyway caught my eye and I began to recognize where I was. I took a picture of that exact alleyway earlier that day. An idea struck me. I took out my camera and from there on I followed my photos, retracing my original steps. I made it back just in time to enjoy my burger before my train came.

There I was, just a girl, a burger, a completed photography project, and a successful day spent in Siena.




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