How many puns about Nice and the French Riviera cities I’ve visited could I possibly make? If you’ve seen my Instagram then you know the answer is too many.

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Ciao Tutti!

La fine settimana scorsa ho viaggiato la Riviera Francese con mie amiche. Siamo arrivate in Nice alla tre e mezzo in la mattina, e ci siamo addormentate immediatamente. Il giorno successivo ci siamo sveglie a otto e fare colazione. Poi, siamo camminato in Nice e facciamo snorkeling. In Sabato, abbiamo visitato Eze e siamo andate all primo perfumerie in Francia: Fragonard. Dopo, siamo andate a Monaco e abbiamo visitato Monte Carlo. In Domenica, siamo partite Nice alla otto e siamo andate a Antibes per quattro ore. Finalmente, siamo tornate Firenze a sei.

Hi everyone!

Last week I traveled to the French Riviera with my friends. We arrived in Nice at three in the morning and we went to bed immediately. The next day we woke up at 8 and ate breakfast. Then we walked around Nice and later went snorkeling. On Saturday we visited Eze and went to the first perfumery in France: Fragonard. Later we went to Monaco and visited the Monte Carlo Casino. On Sunday, we left Nice at 8 in the morning and went to Antibes for four hours. Finally we returned to Florence at 6pm.

I apologize for the rough and elementary description of my weekend in the French Riviera, I am working on my Italian skills.


The French Riviera was absolutely amazing (che bella!!). Our home-base was a hostel in Nice. We spent the morning on a walking tour of Nice. Following the tour we browsed the fresh fruit and flower market that spans the main promenade every day, and then headed over to the marina. Because we wanted to do more than just sit on the beach all day we signed up for a snorkeling excursion. I’d never been before (unless you count the man-made pools in Hawaii and Discovery Cove in Florida) so I was excited. It was a scenic thirty minute boat ride to the snorkeling destination where we had two hours to snorkel and explore. There wasn’t much marine life- other than a few small fish and a baby jelly fish I tried extra hard to avoid- but we still enjoyed cooling off in the crystal clear water.

The next day we toured Fragonard. Located in the town Eze, it’s the oldest perfumery in France. We saw their perfumes, soaps, and lotions being handmade. Fun fact: there are only 1,000 people in the world who are qualified to come up with scents, and they make around $300,000 for each scent they produce. Fifty of these experts are based in France and are called the “Noses” because they are the leaders in the industry. After the tour I was sold on their two most popular perfumes: Etoile and Belle Cherie.

We spent Saturday afternoon roaming Monaco and the Monte Carlo area. My three takeaways from Monaco are:

  1. A glass of Sprite is 7.50 euros in Monaco, which is about 4 euros more expensive than the bottle of wine I bought tonight
  2. The Starbucks was located on a rooftop overlooking the sea
  3. The yachts are the size of my freshman year dormitory

Sunday was our last day, but in true tourist fashion we were milking every second of the trip and spent the morning in Antibes where we browsed another market and spent a few hours on the beach.

We arrived in Florence later that night feeling tired, but also thankful we were able to have a weekend packed with exploring multiple cities in a foreign country. Maybe we’re starting to get a hang of this travel thing? I won’t speak too soon though. We have Croatia coming up this coming weekend!

Ciao for now!



One thought on “Travel Diary: French Riviera

  1. Alyssa, I really enjoyed your latest excursion. I admire your courage and initiative to do all these exciting explorations that you you are doing. Also, your Italian is impressive.

    I will be leaving for Rome on October 9. I am looking to visit Assisi and Siena prior to attending my meeting. I wish I had your daring!

    Just be safe and don’t do anything too daring or dangerous.

    Much love,
    Aunt Cindy


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