Uno: The number of days left before I leave for Florence.

Due: The amount of times I cried at the beach saying goodbye to people. 

Tre: The amount of times I packed and unpacked then repacked my suitcase.

Quattro: The number of months I’ll be living in Florence.

Cinque: The number of strangers (but soon to be friends) I’ll be living with on Via Vinegia.

Finally. I’m all packed. My jeans, dresses, shirts and shoes are rolled and packed tightly in my oversized and overweight suitcase. My passport found its place in the crab-adorned passport holder my sister gave me for my birthday. The outfit I plan on wearing on the plane is set aside. I’ve said most of my goodbyes, some were infinitely harder than others. You’d think I was 100% ready for my four months abroad, and physically I am. But mentally and emotionally, that’s a different story.

Sei: I am sad, so incredibly sad to be leaving the people I love most.

Sette: But I am lucky. So unbelievably lucky to have this opportunity.

Otto: The number of cities and countries I know for sure I want to visit.

Perhaps we’re never really ready for big changes like this. That’s what makes them so frightening. But that’s also what makes them so exciting. I see pictures and videos of Florence and and I am amazed and enthralled at the fact that it will be my home for four months. Everyday I’ll pass the Duomo on my way to class and everyday I’ll be able to explore another nook of the city. Every weekend I’ll be traveling around Europe, doing things I’ve only every dreamed of.

Nove: And each night I count my lucky stars.





One thought on “counting my lucky stars

  1. Lovely post! I moved across the Atlantic two years ago (leaving family and lifelong friends behind). It’s been an incredible experience – not always the easiest – but everyday, I find something new that makes me feel like one of the luckiest people alive. Best of luck!


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