You may not know this, and you may not believe this when I tell you, but one day, when you have a free moment – whether you’re waiting for a train, waiting for your coffee, or taking an elevator – you’re going to think of me. You’re going to picture my eyes squinting as I laugh. You’re going to picture my smile, which was almost always present. You’ll think of my pale skin, which reflects the sun in such a way that made you want to spend your day wrapped up in the sheets. You’re going to miss the passion in my eyes as I talk about the people, the places, the things I love most. You’ll crave the soft feeling of my hands in yours. You’ll ask yourself why you chose just one dull star when you could have had a galaxy. Then you’ll get on your train, pick up your coffee, or get off your elevator. You’ll move on. Until the next free moment.


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