Its 9:20.

My face pinches as I take another sip of my coconut water. I’m sitting in La Colombe. It’s my first time here and I all I wanted was a simple iced coffee and a water bottle to quench my thirst. I succeeded in getting my iced coffee, but apparently a Dasani or Deer Park water bottle is too much to ask for. I put my coconut water down—I’d rather be dehydrated than take another sip of this odd tasting water.

In just 40 minutes I will be in an interview with a company I’ve been dreaming about since I first discovered it’s existence in November. I was merely browsing LinkedIn—my second favorite hobby—and stumbled upon Slice Communications. I’m not sure how, but I’m certain I was meant to find this company. I browsed Slice’s site, their LinkedIn, their Twitter, and thought “how can I become a part of this?”

Today I’m hoping to answer that question.

I woke up at 7am. I put on my plum business slacks from Banana Republic. I made myself coffee. I left for the train. Today is my first—and hopefully not last—day as Commuter Lyss. I sat with real commuters, wondering where they’re going, where they work, how many times they’ve done this routine, and whether or not after today I will be able to join them on their daily journey. They look so professional: making phone calls, writing emails, shuffling things around in their brief cases, and doing other probably-important pre-work tasks. There I am, in the middle of the professional haze, sitting with my tote bag on my lap, soaking it all in but trying not to stare.

In typical Lyss fashion I’m an hour early. Being early is in my blood—I showed up early to my own birth, after all. I left an hour and a half early for a half hour commute. I have a fear of being late to everyday events, but being late to an interview is a fear like no other. This fear is what made me come face to face with coconut water. Perhaps if I land this internship I’ll have to find another spot to hydrate.

It’s now 9:30. I stand up from the table, discard my beverages, and head over to Slice headquarters at The Bourse Building. I pass the Liberty Bell and Independence Mall along the way. The sun is shining. The area is incredible. I am ready.

The elevator stops on the third floor. I pause for a moment to gather myself before heading into the office. I am greeted by friendly faces and take a seat on a couch as I wait for my interview to begin. As I’m waiting I begin to soak it all in. The office space is one large room with multiple clusters of desks. The color scheme is gray and yellow—fitting with their website—with the Philadelphia skyline printed on the wall. A group of people sit at each cluster, focusing on their laptops, doing work I hope I will be able to do come summer

A man and a woman call my name. They’re ready to interview me.

Thirty minutes later, after having a great conversation with my possible future bosses, I am on the phone with my mom as I walk six blocks back to Jefferson Station.

“I want this. I need this.” I tell her.

You know at the end of The Breakfast Club when Judd Nelson walks on the football field and excitedly thrusts his fist into the air? Imagine how accomplished and elated he felt. Then multiply that feeling by 10. That is how I felt when I checked my inbox Friday afternoon and saw I had been accepted for the position at Slice Communications.

I did it.

I am an Integrated Accounts Intern.

Perhaps I’ll do something important on my phone along with the other commuters each morning.

P.S. Now I’ll definitely have to find a spot to get my iced coffee and actual water.



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